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Black Marble 10ML of 35% CBD Oil

CBD Oils

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Forged over millions of years and braided deep into our planet's history, the black marble is as ancient as its legacy and as ageless as its elegance. Like the mineral, our Black Marble bottle is formulated to create a refined and exclusive experience to give you that premium CBD feeling.

Perfect for relieving symptoms of anxiety and providing you with a sense of calmness, Black Marble is made with pure natural CBD oil to help restore and invigorate wellbeing.

Each bottle comes in 10ml in size, unscented and unflavoured to give you the best mother nature has to offer, free of harmful chemicals.

All products have COA (Certification of Analysis).

Why choose Euphorium X?

Our products are made from the cleanest and purest hemp extract, combined with the exact amount of cannabinoids needed for maximum efficacy and safety.

Third-party experts meticulously assess our goods to ensure that they provide the highest quality CBD while avoiding pesticides and chemicals.

Our goods are GMO-free, pesticide-free, organically grown, sugar-free, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly (Best Hemp CBD distillate at Prestigious Colorada Indo Expo).

At EuphoriumX we are eager to help people improve their health organically and in everyday life by providing inexpensive, high-quality CBD products.

How many drops of CBD oil should I take?

We recommend starting with the recommended dosage of two to three drops three times a day to figure out how many CBD oil drops to take. If no changes are seen after a few days, you can increase the frequency or number of drops.

What is full-spectrum CBD?

Multiple components in a cannabis plant, such as essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including cannabinol, make up a full-spectrum CBD product.

Our full-spectrum tinctures are made with 85 percent, or purer, full-spectrum CBD distillate from responsibly farmed American hemp at Euphorium X. Full-spectrum tinctures contain terpenes as well as other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and trace THC levels in addition to CBD (less than 0.3 percent). Full-spectrum products are more effective because various cannabinoids and terpenes work together synergistically in what is known as the 'entourage effect.'

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  • Fantastic product, I enjoy the experience and can recommend to anyone who struggles with anxiety.
    Posted on 27.01.2022
    shaun palmer

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