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Who Is The Mind Behind EuphoriumX?

EuphoriumX was established in 2020 by Lukasz Umer who was inspired to create top-quality CBD products to cater to those suffering from three major ailments: anxiety, sleeplessness, and chronic pain.

The journey was personal for Lukasz, who sought safe and effective solutions to the problems plaguing him. He observed that those he cared about were burdened by ineffective medications that had addictive qualities. These considerations instigated his passion for seeking a new alternative.

Lukasz learned as much as he could about how CBD functions to alleviate pain and anxiety. Initially sceptical, he saw his perspective change on CBD once he began using it on himself. That's when he came upon a very promising solution for his specific set of issues. Most importantly, CBD proved to be non-addictive, a major advantage over other offerings.

Over the course of Lukasz's journey, he learned that the market was flooded with low-quality CBD products as per the report from The Centre of Medical Cannabis UK . It was both shocking and deeply saddening for him to discover that the concentration of cannabinoids in many products was incorrect and/or much lower than claimed. Some even had zero, if you can believe it! Thus, the user experience was well below expectations for these fraudulently labelled "CBD" products.  

Lukasz needed a guarantee that the products he would offer would rise above all the rest. He wanted his customers to glean the greatest benefit from what CBD has to offer – as he felt it himself. Based in London, U.K., EuphoriumX has established itself as a proud global vendor of CBD products that customers can rely on.

No Compromises On Quality

Insomnia is frustrating, anxiety can be emotionally crippling, and chronic pain can have an effect on quality of life.

EuphoriumX was created to offer a non-addictive solution to these critical issues, using plant-based, natural solutions.

CBD products are only truly effective if they are derived from high-quality sources. At EuphoriumX, we ensure our customers experience the full benefit from our CBD products. All of our products have third-party COAs (Certification of Analysis) available for review. We believe transparency is vital, and you deserve to know that you're getting a high-quality product.

What To Expect From Us?

No false advertising. We have taken the responsibility of providing our customers with quality  CBD oil  as well as CBD vapes as it's what we believe in above all else.

Secondly, our customer service is of prime importance. Our goal is to ensure that anyone who deals with us experiences a level of convenience and ease. We're always striving for the best.

Enjoy The Benefits Of CBD To The Fullest

Are you tired of sleepless nights? Is chronic pain wearing you out? Are you unable to cope with your anxiety issues? Luckily, EuphoriumX has a natural solution for you.

We provide a range of  CBD products  to deliver maximum benefits without compromising your health. Find the product that's just right for you among our extensive selection.

Every item is authentic, high-quality , and devoid of harmful chemicals as per our Independent Certification found on each and every product to assure your safety.

Find the relief that you're looking for with EuphoriumX.

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