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Why CBD Oil turns pink


What To Do If Your CBD Oil Has Changed Color – The Ultimate 2022 Guide                                       


as your CBD oil turned dark or pink? Why do CBD oils change colours? Is it safe to use cannabidiol oil that has shifted its colour? Well, these are some of the common questions related to CBD oil. So, here we are with our ultimate 2022 guide that will provide you with all the necessary information regarding cannabidiol oil.

Avid of Colors:

Have you ever pondered why CBD oils show so much colour variation? Why the colour of CBD oil of one brand differs from the other? The answer is quite simple. The more concentrated the oil is, the denser it would be; hence, the darker its colour would be. In addition to that, the extraction process also impacts the colour of the oil. The most visible colour change is when using CBD vape kit with CBD vape oil. Let's explore some of the extraction processes to know this fact better!

Ethanol Extraction Process:

If the ethanol extraction process is used to prepare the oil, the resulting CBD oil will be of no colour. This is because ethanol extraction removes chlorophyll (the green pigment found in plants), thus giving it a transparent appearance. 

Carbon Dioxide Extraction Process

The carbon dioxide extraction process gives the CBD oil a greenish hue, unlike the ethanol extraction process. This green colour is due to plants' green pigment (chlorophyll).

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Process

The CBD oil achieved from this process is golden in colour.

What Factors Determine The Colour Of CBD Oil?

When we talk about Cannabidiol oil, several factors contribute to its colour. These include:

  • The extraction method
  • The filtering technique
  • The ingredients added or reintroduced into the oil (e.g., carrier oil, additives, etc.)
  • How well the fat is stored


Should The Colour Of CBD Oil Be Considered While Shopping?

Yes, definitely, you should consider it. This is because the colour of CBD oil indicates its quality. Moreover, the colour of your oil would also tell you about its extraction process. The more clear the oil, the purer it is.

Why Do CBD Oils Change Colour?

Have you ever noticed your transparent or greenish Cannabidiol oil turning dark or pink regardles if its in tinctiture form or it is cbd vape? Why is so? CBD oil can change colours turning black, dark brown, or pink. Cannabidiol oil contains bioactive ingredients that change colour when exposed to heat or light. Moreover, CBD oil can also change its colour over time or due to oxidation. So, when it comes to cannabidiol oil, colour transition is a normal phenomenon. It is a natural reaction to time, heat, oxygen, and sunlight.

Another reason for this colour transition is that CBD oil is difficult to absorb by the human body. So it is merged with medium-chain oils (triglycerides) to enhance absorption in the bloodstream. The pink colouration of cannabidiol oil is due to the polyphenol oxidase enzyme found in these triglycerides. The quiqest waty to notice this is when you decide to go with cbd vape rather than cbd oil due to the fact that oil that is used in cbd vape is exposed to heating in cardrige container.

Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil That Has Shifted Colour?

Like all other oils, cannabidiol oil has a shelf life (approximately 1 to 2 years). After a particular time, it starts degrading, and its chemical structure starts changing, so there is a change in the texture and viscosity of the oil.

So, there is nothing to worry about. Colour change in the case of CBD oil is pretty normal. Hence, darkened or pink cannabidiol oil neither means that it is spoilt nor does it signify its low quality. Your CBD oil is still effective and safe. CBD oil's nutritional and holistic value remains unharmed by degradation or chemical reactions. In fact, the pink colour indicates that the medium-chain triglycerides in your oil are of high quality. So it is 100% safe to use pink-coloured CBD oil.

Benefits You Don't Know!

The pink-hued CBD oil can benefit you, especially for aesthetic purposes. You can get a lighter pink shade or a darker purple one according to your desire.

Moreover, cannabidiol oil can be soothing for the mind as it brings peace and a sense of balance to you. It can also contribute to your physical well-being. Different colours can create a soothing visual appearance.

Can Expired Oil Make You Sick?

Of course not! It will do little or nothing at all. When CBD oil degrades, it loses its potency, so it won't be enough potent to harm you even if the oil is expired.

Does The Colour Of CBD Oil Affect Its Quality?

Well, you must know that not all oils are manufactured similarly. Every brand has its technique to extract and handle CBD oils. Therefore, we find oils in a variety of colours in the market. The colour of the oil does not necessarily affect its quality and efficacy; instead, it acts as an indicator of its quality.

When Not To Use Discoloured CBD Oil?

Avoid using your discoloured cannabidiol oil if it exhibits:

  • Stingy smells: Fresh cannabidiol oil smells earthy. Its smell won't be unpleasant even if it is discoloured. So, a stingy smell indicates that something is wrong with your oil.
  • Thick, murky appearance
  • Rancid taste

CBD oil has a natural taste of being nutty, earthy, or grassy. Flavour can vary if it is artificially flavoured. But in all the cases, your oil would taste fine. If your oil tastes awful, discard it as it has gone rancid.

How Can You Prevent The Discolouration Of CBD Oils?

You can take the succeeding measures to avoid discolouration of your cannabidiol oil:

  • Put it in the refrigerator after use.
  • Avoid leaving oil in heat, e.g., hot cars or sauna.
  • Clean the bottle's dropper since it comes in contact with environmental oxygen and heat and, therefore, can change the oil's colour.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact of oil with air.
  • Preserve the oil in a cool, dry, and dark place
  • Avoid exposing the oil to direct sunlight.
  • Make sure to close the bottle appropriately after use.

The Bottom Line:

CBD oils come in a diversity of colours. These colours depend on various factors. CBD oils can change colours either due to chemical reactions of the bioactive agents with heat, light, etc, or polyphenol oxidase enzyme. It is safe to use a pink colour CBD oil in form of oil drops or as a cbd vape pen.

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